Information And Instructions


Diagram line drawings to help identify the coach styles


Here's basically what you get in an Easy-Build kit. Variations in content will be found in catering and suburban stock.

Kit Instructions

Mainline Passenger Stock - Non-Catering coach
Mainline Catering Cars cateringcoach
Suburban Carriage Stock subcoach
BR Pullman Parlour Stock NEW pullmans
BR Swindon Built Inspection Saloon saloon
Carflat Instructions carflat
MetCamm Class 101 DMU Power Cars dmu101
MetCamm Class 101 Trailer Cars dmu101T
Cravens Class 105 DMU All Versions dmu105
Derby Class 108 Driving Car dmu108
Derby Class 108 Centre Car dmu108ctr
GRC&W-Pressed Steel Co. Class 116 / 117 Driving Car dmu116
GRC&W-Pressed Steel Co. Class 116 / 117 Centre Car dmu116ctr
Cravens Class 129 Parcels DMU And HYDRA Test Vehicle dmu129
GRC&W-Pressed Steel Co. Class 121-122 Bubblecar dmu122
Etched Window Frames windows
Power Bogie Instructions bogies